Hackney is famous for its music venues, galleries, architecture, venues and green spaces and the creative individuals who are drawn to live and work in Hackney and sample all it has to offer.

Hackney is a 7.36 mile square Hub of things to do and see and still retains its spirit of independence.

From the small independent theatres, cinema’s, bars, bookshops and cafes in Dalston, to the hustle and bustle of numerous vibrant markets, artists studios a-plenty in Hackney Wick and London Fields, and all a stones throw away from the winding canals and rivers and parks; Hackney is beautiful, gritty, ever changing and inspiring.

At HUB we like people watching, it colours and informs the clothes we cherry pick and those we design.

We asked individuals that live or work in Hackney what they thought of celebrating this spirit in situ in a place that has independent profile and meaning to them. The response was overwhelming. These are real people not models, creatives, voices and faces of Hackney. They are writers, artists, musicians, film-makers and authors who live in Hackney or reflect Hackney in their work photographed in Hackney in a place that has meaning to them. Hackney Independents. This is an ongoing project that reflects the work of these people and the venues that make life in Hackney so interesting. We hope you enjoy.

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