Tucked away in the heart of Dalston lies a tranquil little space called, Yoga on the Lane - its founder, the wondrous Naomi Annand. This week we caught up with Naomi and talked life, work and books. (She also agreed to play dress up in some Allsea ♥)


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Naomi wears the Allsea Hettie Dress

Tell us about your personal journey from Dancer to Yoga Practitioner.

'I went to the Royal Ballet school and then joined the company proper when I was seventeen but devastatingly my career ended due to injury when I was still young, although it was a cloud with a silver lining because the thing that saved me was yoga. And I have to be thankful for that.'

Describe Yoga On The Lane in 5 words.

'Warm. Safe. Communal. Supportive. Beautiful.'

 What are the biggest influences in your life and work?

'I find inspiration in all kinds of places. My children have taught me so much about compassion - they act as little mirrors that encourage me to ‘wake up’ and be kind to myself as well as them. And I love the theatre and a good exhibition. I’m actually collaborating with the Barbican at the moment. On June 27th I’ll be running a yoga workshop in and around the gallery exhibiting the solo show of the incredible Lee Krasner. We’re hoping that people will find that the yoga heightens their experience of the show by making them more embodied and receptive.'

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What book is on the bedside at the moment? 

'The Argonauts' by Maggie Nelson (I’ve read it but can’t stop dipping in). 'Afropean' by Johny Pitts and 'Period Power' by Maisie Hill, which I can’t wait to start.'

A little birdy told us that you are publishing a book of your own... Tell us more. 

'Yoga: a Manual for Life' is out in October, published by Bloomsbury. I can’t say much but I’m just finalising the proofs now and it’s ridiculously exciting!'

What would be your song for the day?

'Joni Mitchell’s, Circle Game - the seasons really do just go round and round…'

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Where are your favourite local haunts?

'The Castle Cinema, Clapton. Since having kids I crave the focus and intent of a movie in a darkened space, even better with a mate and a glass of wine. We have some wonderful cafes on Shacklewell Lane too. Mela cafe next door to Yoga On The Lane, for coffee and granola, and Floyd’s a few doors down do the most amazing lunch. I hosted a sweet supper club with them last year and hope to do more in the future.'

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Allsea Hettie Dress // Allsea Jamie Top and Nell Trousers

If you were gifted a day to go anywhere, where would you go?

'I wouldn’t waste the day travelling so I’d have a London holiday. Brunch at the Modern Pantry, a walk to the Tate Modern, yoga in the afternoon and then dinner with my mates at Caravan, Exmouth Market.'

What's the oldest and newest piece of clothing you own?

'An Allsea dress from Hub. I grew up in Leicester and love that these pieces are made in my home town. Oldest a jacket I bought from Liberty over a decade ago. It’s fairy shabby but I love how I can wear it like a cape.'

What advice would you give to your younger self? 

'Don’t sweat the small stuff. Do your best but know that won't always be enough. Learn to breathe and trust the magnificent and subtle sensations of your body. Life is the biggest gift.'
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Photography by Zelie Lockhart
Styling by Lou Power
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