As a change from our usual topics, today’s journal focuses on make-up and skincare.

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We had a chance to talk with our models and our photoshoot make-up artist, Akua when we recently shot our new spring collections for our online shop. Akua was born in New York, raised in Melbourne and is currently living in London. She works as a makeup artist and freelance photographer and is a great source of knowledge when it comes to skincare and the best makeup products on the market.

For this shoot, we had two amazing models from Wild London; Darina from Ukraine and Natasha from Brazil. 

The creative director and stylist wanted a natural and light look for the models makeup. This got us talking about different skin types and tones, the best way to care for your skin and the importance of quality products.


Darina has a skin with a drier complexion, so Akua started telling us a bit about her favourite products for ‘thirsty’ skin-types.


For Darina’s skin The Ordinary, was Akua’s go-to brand. It offers fantastic, high-performance product at very reasonable prices. Akua suggested ‘The Buffet’ “ only need a tiny amount for all over your face and neck. It’s a moisturiser and anti-ageing , so perfect for keeping your skin young and hydrated.” Other really good products Akua recommends for dry skin are; Squalene from The Ordinary and Skin Food from Weleda.

Darina’s skin preparation and makeup 


Step 1 - Cleanse face with micellar water (Akua used Eau Micellar Doucer from Lancome).

Step 2 - Tone with rose water - perfect as it’s very gentle on the skin.

Step 3 - Moisturise.  Akua applied a serum (Advance Genifique from Lancome) and Sukin’s natural moisturiser which is a brilliant less-expensive and natural option.

Step 4 - Foundation. C1 Face and Body from MAC. “It’s very light and natural and can be used on the body as well.”

Step 5 - Concealer for blemishes and dark circles. Akua chose, Radiant Creamy Concealer from NARS.

Step 6 - Blush. 050 Live Pink from Rimmel London. “Rimmel London blushes are affordable and they last long on the face.”

Step 7 - Eye-shadow. Akua created a natural look using the colours; Jet Setter and Smarty Pant on the palette "Tartelette in Bloom" from Tarte Cosmetics. A good alternative eye-shadow palette would be the Naked Palette from Urban Decay, available at Boots.

Step 8 - Mascara. Hypnose Black from Lancome.

Step 9 - For a flawless finish, Akua used Fix and Brume Fixante Refraichissant by MAC.

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Natasha, having suffered with acne from an early age, shared a few tips of her own:

Tip 1 - Use a charcoal face mask - “It’s great to take off the excess oil on your skin.”

Tip 2 - Tea Tree Oil - “This amazing oil can leave your skin a little sensitive, so I mix 3 drops of mamado oil with every drop of tea tree. I spread it all over my face and it immediately hydrates it, diminishing the production of oil. And it also functions as an anti-inflammatory, so it calms down my skin and dries out my spots.”

Natasha’s skin preparation and makeup


Step 1 - Cleanse face with micellar water (Akua used Eau Micellar Doucer from Lancome).

Step 2 - Tone the skin with Clarifying Lotion N1 from Clinique. This toner is usually used on drier skin types but as it’s very gentle it’s good on oily skins as well. It doesn’t strip the oil away which can cause more production of it.

Step 3 - Foundation. Natasha’s skin had a bit of a reaction to the different foundations used during Fashion Week, so Akua preferred to use the model’s personal foundation, in this case Liquid Foundation from Body Shop.

Step 4 - Akua applied a light contouring using foundation from The Ordinary

Step 5 - Liquid Blush from Body Shop (pictured below)

Step 6 - Eyeshadow. Akua chose Torch from Smashbox.

Step 7 - Mascara. Monsieur Big from Lancome.



✦    Don’t over-use foundation to cover imperfections, rather use a good concealer for an imperfection free skin.

✦    Try not to use dark colour eye shadow on smaller eyes, as this just makes them look even smaller.

✦    Applying Vitamin C serum should be an essential part of your skincare  routine.

✦    Akua recommends the best makeup brushes to buy: Zoeva from or Real Techniques from Boots.

✦    When you buy a new foundation, make sure that it’s tone matches the colour of your neck.

✦    Never put cream products over the top of powder.

✦     Be careful how you use tea tree oil. Always dilute it with water, or mix it with other base oils. “I like mixing tea tree with aloe vera. Perfect for drying your spots.”

✦    Try Beauty Blender to make sure you don’t leave lines of foundation when you apply it.

Please share below your skincare routine, favourite makeup products. Leave a comment if you have liked this article and would like to see more content like this on our journal.

Text: Sofia Grillo

Natasha and Andina's pictures: Jesse May Fisher

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