Perched on the High Street in the salty seaside town of Ramsgate is a newly opened, (and impeccably fitted) independent, called Potters run by former Hub-sters, Ali and Wednesday - a match made in Heaven for those who lust after Scandinavian homewares and textiles, houseplants, lamps and 70's inspired ceramics.

Last week we caught the train to Rammers to meet the dream team duo in their new store, reminisce about old times and chat shop...

Everyone meet the wonderful Ali and Wednesday ♥

Potters (Ramsgate)

Describe Potters in 5 words.

Weds: 'Friendly, Welcoming, Relaxed, Independent, Goodies!'

Ali: 'Relaxed, Simplicity, Sustainable, Local, Community.'

How did the joint venture come about? 

W: 'We've been friends for a very long time. We met through Hub when Ali was working in the Manchester branch and I was working in Stoke Newington. When Ali moved to London we became housemates and we soon realised (when we decorated our flat) that we shared similar tastes when it comes to interiors. I moved to Ramsgate and Ali soon followed as we both had friends who had moved here. We both love Ramsgate - it has its ups and downs but it just felt like home straight away. We figured since we'd lived together and worked together for so many years we could probably handle being business partners too!'

potters 01What would be your advice to someone wanting to open a small business from scratch?

W: 'Try to know your market really well. Have a clear vision. Make sure you really love what you do/sell. It's not easy so make sure it's worth the gamble ... I guess you need to enjoy the ride!'

A: 'Do your research and be passionate and patient.'

Where are your favourite local haunts?

W: 'Ramsgate has lots of lovely vintage shops. Next door to us is Island Vintage - a great record and vintage hi-fi shop. And next to that, is the Ramsgate Thrift Shop. Opposite us is the Shakey Shakey Fish Bar. They do a full vegan menu and there's Archive for great food and coffee. Down by the Harbour I like Arch 16 for vintage furniture and collectables and Petticoat Lane which is an indoor vintage market with loads of great stalls like Butt Vintage.'

What's playing on the Potter's playlist this week?

John Lennon - Walls and Bridges 

Bill Callahan - Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest

This is The Kit - Wriggle Out The Wrestless

The Charmaines - I Idolize You

Willie Nelson - Blue Skies

Freschard - I'm the Boss

Bob Dylan - Tangled up in Blue

 Loudon Wainwright III - Lullaby

 Leonard Cohen - The Old Revolution


What are your current top picks in-store?

W: 'We have a great selection of ceramics from HK Living. They do amazing 70's inspired tea pots, bowls, cups and great cushions too!'

What do you love most, love least about running your own business?
W: 'Running a small independent shop really embeds you into the community. It's nice to feel part of the area. The downside is that running a shop is hard and to survive in the current climate might take a miracle!'
A: 'The best thing about running a shop is getting to choose and buy all the amazing stock. The hardest thing is the 4am drive to the flower market. Although it's my idea of heaven when I arrive.'
image1What are you excited about for the future of Potters? 
W. 'The area is full of creative people so we are planning lots of art exhibitions and collaborations. Also we are excited about other business opening very close to us, a micro pub and... well watch this space. It would be great for the community to see their High St thriving again!'
How did you arrive at the name, 'Potters'?
A: 'Potting plants and pottering in general. Potters seemed to conjure up what we were doing. We liked the idea of being called Potters Independent Traders. As in Trotters. We're daft like that.'
If you could conjure up anyone in the world to pop in to Potter's right now, who would that be and what would you say?!
W: 'Ronnie Barker - I'd sell him 4 candles.'
I'm really crossing everything for Ronnie rocking up soon...
image1 (1)
Ali, Wednesday and Booker.

Photography by Tom Wright

Where to find Potters... 72 High Street, Ramsgate, CT11 9RS

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