Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 15.36.35Some of you have probably already heard of our very own in house label, ALLSEA.

ALLSEA produces limited edition pieces that are exclusive to HUB. We are very proud of our label as it allows us to offer something unique, designed by us and manufactured entirely in the UK to our customers.


Since HUB started, we have always designed and produced our own garments - by doing this we can enjoy and overlook the whole process from beginning to end. Indeed, we follow every step of the production, from the initial idea to the customer’s response to the garments on the shop floor.


Over the last three years we have enjoyed producing our own knitwear collection at Harley of Scotland. Harley of Scotland has been making knitwear since 1929 and it has a reputation of high quality goods. They are expert in pairing traditional techniques with modern technology.


We produced for both men and women a soft Donegal jumper alongside the knit accessories (beanies, scarfs and gloves). We are big fan of this yarn as it meets all the requirements of modern wool: soft handle yet still keeps its traditional homespun appearance.


For the ALLSEA AW 17 women's collection we also produced 2 styles jumpers using a Geelong yard. This is a super soft high quality knit, light in weight, warm and breathable. In Geelong we designed a boxy shape knit in block colours and a contrasting neater shape in a moss stitch.


With our label we aim to create wearable and well-designed pieces that showcase the quality fabrication of our makers. We only have 24 pieces in each design and color so hurry and come into our stores to grab your ALLSEA limited edition jumper or buy them online here !!

Text: Sofia Grillo

Pictures: Jesse May Fisher

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