HUB is now proudly stocking handcrafted bean to bar Land Chocolate. We caught up with founder Phil Landers in his East London HQ to ask him a few questions.

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Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Phil Landers and I'm a small batch chocolate maker. I spend most of my time turning some of the rarest and finest cocoa beans into single Original chocolate in a stupidly small workshop in Bethnal Green.


If you weren’t a chocolatier what would you be?

If you had asked me when I was 8 years old I would tell you I'd be a professional basketball player in the NBA. Realistically, I'd probably still be working at the BBC in radio. I also still have a weird urge to be a hairdresser so maybe I would have followed that path.

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Who would you most like to share a chocolate bar with?

My Grandpa. He ate more sweet stuff than I did and was probably the main reason I developed a sweet tooth in the first place. We'd have to have wine gums as well though; he had wine gums on hand all the time.

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Who would play the soundtrack to your life? 


What part of your work process do you most enjoy?    

Sourcing the cocoa beans, mainly because it means going to interesting countries mainly in Central and South America. My least favourite part is wrapping bars, if anyone ever wants to help me wrap bars of chocolate I'm up for it...I can only pay you in chocolate though.

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How do you spend your downtime? 

I like to attempt to play basketball on a very basic level every so often. Going out and finding good food and drink generally seem to be a common theme in my life when I get chance/can afford it. I also have a good group of creative friends who I like to follow and support whether they're making films/music or again good food.

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