Summer is oh so close. Here at HUB we have been focusing our attention on fun prints, patterns and colours to get you guys in the mood. To kick off the month of May we visited the folks at Paper Mache Tiger (home of Etre Cecile) to talk garms and greenery with founder Kyle.

DSC_0033 Who are you and what do you do?

Kyle Robinson - Director @ Paper Mache Tiger, an international multibrand showroom / agency and store - a Fashion | Home & Garden | Cafe experience. I'm also the Director @ Etre Cecile and Herculie.

smlDSC_3193EtreCecileThe Etre Cecile Pocket Tee

 As a child what profession could you see yourself in?

There wasn't any one profession - I wanted to be a basketballer, be in a band or be a painter (large scale abstract).

 If you were only allowed to keep one item from your wardrobe what would it be?

My Herculie jeans, unisex wash - they are killer, and my Saint Laurent court classic trainers.


 When having a creative block how do you overcome it?


 Where do you hang out during downtime? 

At our studio space with my guitars or with my lady friend Yasmin and our boys Knox & Renzo.


And for those serial plant killers here are three very resilient, low maintenance plant suggestions recommended by Paper Mache Tiger's green house team.

  1. CACTUS.


No surprise here - the catcus is our most popular + resilient plant, living happily in sunny bright spots all year round. In winter, these guys are tough and don't have an issue with central heating. They love the fresh air and are perfect for windows. Make sure not to over water + keep potted with proper drainage. With a little love you might see a few flowers sprout!



These guys are sleek + striking - adding a little modern touch to the home. In terms of resilience, Sansevieria tolerate direct sunlight as well as shade and require little watering. The main thing to avoid with this plant is over-watering, so only water when the compost is quiet dry. In winter you can cut this back further and water only every month or two.



This is a slow growing, minimal care plant that comes in all shapes and sizes - working as a table plant, bush or short tree. Indirect light is best and keep soil dry.

On top of a careful watering and great placement in the home, all plants just need a little love...good luck!


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