Spring Summer 19 - Look Book Two

Take a look at Look Book Two from our Spring Summer 19' campaign featuring a beautiful brand mix of Sessun, Sideline, YMC, Wood Wood and more.   PAGE ONELOOK BOOK TWO LOOK BOOK 2 PAGE 2Page 3page 4page 4LOOK BOOK 2LOOK BOOK 2PAGE 1. Matt wears Kings of Indigo Lucius Jeans, Jackman Tee and Novesta. Zelie wears Kings of Indigo Leila Jean and Wood Wood Mila Vest.

PAGE 2/3. Matt wears YMC Malick Shirt. Zelie wears Kings of Indigo Jacket and Vic and Bert Trousers.

PAGE 4. Zelie wears Ganni Camfield Jeans, Sessun Gabriel Blouse and Novesta.

PAGE 5. Matt wears Selected Homme Jacket, Hymn Shirt, RoToTo beanie. Zelie wears Sessun Danmas Blouse, Wood Wood Mila Vest, RoToTo beanie.

PAGE 6. Zelie wears Sideline Roxie Dress.

PAGE 7. Zelie wears Samsoe and Samsoe Nadia Skirt and Mads Norgaard Teasy Tee.

PAGE 8. Matt wears Wood Wood Brandon Shirt and Hymn Condor Chino // Matt wears Afield Shirt.

PAGE 9. Matt wears Jackman Tee and YMC Hand Me Down Trousers. Zelie wears Ganni Camfield Jeans and Sessun Gabriel Blouse.



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