Welcome to the brand new Hub Shop website and blog!

We started Hub in 1998 and over the years we've built up a great following of local customers across Stoke Newington and Broadway Market; where we have our bricks and mortar shops. Both areas in the borough of Hackney are thriving hubs (sorry for the pun!) of creative energy and overflow with local eateries, design stores, live music and independent designer/makers. We love being a part of these local scenes and sharing our passion for quality crafted clothing, accessories and homewares with our amazing customers.

With our new website we hope we can share more of that with a wider audience. We want to show you the amazing designer/makers we work with and the craft and skill that goes into their work. We want to share the stories of the brands we love. We want to showcase our latest finds, offer our style advice and bring the in-store experience online with our Saturday Style series. The Wednesday playlist will feature local musicians sharing the music that's inspiring them and our Friday round up will gather together all the online inspiration we've seen throughout the week. Over time we want to reach out and connect with bloggers in other parts of the world and showcase other local areas that support independent spirit and creativity.

We hope you'll join us in this next chapter...



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